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As part of Nottingham Refugee Week, we are delighted to be presenting a comedy gig by No Direction Home, a pioneering project produced by Counterpoints Arts featuring stand-up comedians from refugee and migrant backgrounds, mentored by award-winning comedian Tom Parry.

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Created in partnership with Camden People’s Theatre, it’s an ongoing project of workshops, mentoring and performance for new comics from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

The gig kicks off at 6 pm, but join us for delicious free food and drinks from the Syrian Vegan Kitchen from 5.30 pm.

This is the closing event of the ‘Hostile Environment, Artful Living’ conference that runs at Bonington during the day, and attendees of the conference have automatic entry to the gig. You’re very welcome to drop by to the gig as a stand-alone event, however, and can book a place via Eventbrite.

Check out the full Nottingham Refugee Week programme.

A solo exhibition by Debra Swann consolidating her artistic research through sculpture, video and photography.

The show was an exploration of historical domestic spaces and the personas that may evolve through these spaces.  Thinking about the repetition of tasks and the familiar sites of the home, narratives are created to comment on relentless labour and the strangeness of the comings and goings of the home.

A number of historic locations become backdrops, stages or sites for making work. The re-contextualization of objects made for such places took the viewer through subtle juxtapositions of time and reality. Blurring the relationship between fact and fiction the viewer could question what they are looking at and the process by which history is written and how we establish truth.

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