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Delivered by Jonathan Chandler and Joseph P Kelly

How do artists and writers create the worlds their characters and stories exist in?

This workshop will introduce you to the creative process behind creating stories and world building. Looking at the representation of ideas through symbols, signifiers and visual storytelling, this workshop will include idea generation, with a focus on using small ideas and starting points to build working, believable environments and situations with examples and reference from relevant comics, art & film. Through writing and drawing you will explore the representation of ideas through style, composition, visual clues and colour.

Participants will work with each other and as individuals to create or develop their ideas, incorporating the structure and clichés of traditional comics and story telling, before developing their own unique take on narrative illustration – perhaps an entire story in one illustration or a tale that unfolds over a twenty panel comic page.

About Jonathan and Joseph

Jonathan has been described by innovative micro-publishers Breakdown Press as the most isolated cartoonist working in the UK today. Catch this rare opportunity to work with the author of small-press gems ‘Johns Worth’ (Landfill Editions) and Another Blue World (Breakdown Press).

Joseph is a multi-talented graphic artist and educator currently working on PayWall – a full-length graphic story set in a detailed post-flood future, the first instalment of which will be published by Landfill Editions Autumn 2016.

Materials: please bring your preferred writing and drawing tools and materials.

Suitable for people aged 14+

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This workshop is in association with the exhibition Mould Map 6  – Terraformers.

Taking a break from the printed format of earlier editions, Mould Map 6 takes the form of an exhibition / walk-though magazine. For the duration of five weeks the exhibition will include talks, film screenings, performances and open workshops.

Set against the background hum of sci-fi imaginaries common to all Mould Map projects, Terraformers brings together over 50 artists and designers whose work embraces different approaches to ‘world-making’, the notion of creating one’s own world – both fictional and non-fictional.

This exhibition investigates the visualisation of possible futures, and the roles they might play in shaping the present.

Mould Map is a publication series dedicated to new comics and narrative art, co-edited by Hugh Frost and Leomi Sadler, and published by Landfill Editions.

Curated by Hugh Frost and Leomi Sadler.

Full documentation available here on Art Viewer.

Footage courtesy of Landfill Editions / Claire Davies.
Featured Artists

Lala Albert, Alexandre Bavard, Hannah Bays, Edwin Burdis, Julien Ceccaldi, CF, Jacob Ciocci, Kitty Clark, Tom Davis, Lucas Dillon, GW Duncanson, Ruth Edwards, Caley Feeney, Blue Firth, Ed Fornieles, Noel Freibert, Viktor Hachmang, GHXYK2 and Andy Healy, Sam Hewland, Joey Holder, Antwan Horfee, Parker Ito, YY Kawaii, Joseph Kelly , Jake Kent, Tania Kerins, Lando, Tristram Lansdowne, Lucy LemonyBen Mendelewicz, Brenna Murphy, Jonny Negron, Peter Nencini, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Hardeep Pandhal, Leomi Sadler, Stefan Sadler, New Scenario, David Steans, Daniel Swan, Yannick Val Gesto, Daniel Wallace, Guimi You

Associated Events

Late opening: Thursday 29 September, 5 pm – 8 pm. RSVP to confirm attendance.

A School for Design Fiction workshop: Tuesday 20 September, 11 am – 4 pm. Delivered by James Langdon and Peter Nencini.

World Making in Visual Story Telling workshop: Saturday 15 October, 11 am – 4 pm. Delivered by Joseph Kelly and Jonathan Chandler.

Screening Series: Saturday 15 October (times to be confirmed shortly)

Bonington Film Night #6: Terraformers Special Thursday 20 October, 7 pm – 8.30 pm. With contributions by: Erika Beckman, Joey Holder, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Yuri Patison, Stathis Tsemberlidis and Bedwyr Willams.

Additional text by: Miranda Lossifidis and Hui-Ying Kerr.

Exhibition resources:

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