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Mould Map 6 — Terraformers: Featured Artists

15 Sep 2016

Here is a selection of featured artists from Mould Map 6 — Terraformers.

Viktor Hachmang

2 September 2016

Terraformers opens in two weeks’ time. Starting from today – we’ll be showcasing a selection of the 40+ artists and designers involved. First up is Mould Map regular, Viktor Hachmang:

Poster created by Landfill Editions – showcasing a new work by Viktor Hachmang.

“The woodblock prints of Edo-era Japan depict a floating world, closed off to foreign influence. By contrast, while often informed by the formal elements of these masterpieces, the graphic world of Viktor Hachmang is anything but closed, drawing lessons from and gleefully combining visual vocabularies spanning the boundaries of time and space.

His skill as an illustrator lies in an ability to synthesize these references with succinct visual communication. His energy as an artist flows from the sense of universal human experience and culture his imagery invokes – at once contemporary but timeless – how does he do that?” – Hugh Frost, April 2015

Here is Hachmang’s contribution to Mould Map 5 — Black Box:

Visit Viktor Hachmang’s Website

Alexandre Bavard

5 September 2016

With a background in traditional graffiti writing as member of the PAL crew (going under the name Mosa), Alexandre Bavard has expanded his practice to include video and performances pieces and large-scale airbrush paintings similar to distant galaxies – and frequently reappearing as Mosa in a silk hood with sunglasses on top.

See more of Alexandre’s work here.

Follow Mosa on Instagram, here.

Antwan Horfee

6 September 2016

Today’s featured Terraformers artist is Paris-based Antwan Horfee. Horfee, like Alexandre Bavard, is a graffiti writer and artist based in Paris. Pushing away from letters and tags, Horfee’s studio practice carries the same signature style, but pulls in observations and cultural reflections – giving the viewer a glimpse into the world as he sees it. See more of Horfee’s work here.

Daniel Swan

Daniel Swan is a visual artist who creates often creates worlds in the form of animations – producing music videos for Jam City, RL Grime, Django Django, and more – as well as exhibiting work in a gallery setting.

Swan’s animations are built up around slick, futuristic worlds, which gradually shift and change throughout the song to create very distinct moods:

Although a little different from the majority of his work, this found footage montage / mashup is well worth the watch – combining clips from well known movies to create a completely new universe and story:

See more of Daniel’s work on their website.


8 September 2016

C.F. is a cartoonist (and musician) best known for his comic series Powr Mastrs, which weaves together complex characters and bizarre story lines in a deceptively simple looking drawing style – all set in the fantasy world of “New China”.

Ed Fornieles

9 September 2016

Ed Fornieles (b.1983, UK) makes work that charts the osmosis between online and offline realities. His role-play driven scenarios explore the psychology of behaviour and limits of subjectivity. Fornieles uses a Fox persona that smudges the line between fantasy and reality – a cartoon character who channels the artist’s point of view as well as operating as the face of his practice via Fornieles’s Instagram account.

G.W. Duncanson

12 September 2016

G. W. Duncanson is a native of New York. Along with a dozen self-manufactured limited edition art books, his work has been published by Kniv Komix out of Copenhagen, Tiny Masters out of Leipzig, Kuš! in Latvia, and by Landfill Editions in the United Kingdom. His work has been published and exhibited extensively in the United States most notably by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in their Best American Comics of 2014 where it stands as an exemplar of avant-garde picture story.

Along with being a creator, Duncanson organizes and acts as public relations officer for Brooklyn’s Ditko! Exclamation ‘zine library housed at the not-for-profit arts space The Silent Barn and co-curates the PaperJam Festival, its associated bi-annual small press event. ​

See more at their website.

Mould Map 6 opens this Saturday (between 10 am – 3 pm), and we can’t wait! Stay tuned for more updates throughout this week.

Hannah Bays

14 September 2016

Hannah Bays is a painter (b. London, 1982) who studied at the Royal Academy Schools. Interested in human drives and the construction of meaning in our lives, recent work has focused on desire – both as motivational force and something also open to manipulation. Bays’s work has a Pop lineage yet is insistent also on spontaneous painterly gesture, or ‘affirmation’. Colour is used seductively yet often to the brink of nausea. There is a push and pull between the abstract and figurative, the symbolic and the purely formal, with a personal iconography including elements such as plasters and puncture repair kits.

Bays has work in the Jerwood, Hiscox and Soho House collections, was awarded a Jerwood Purchase Prize in 2014 and the Agnes Ethel Mackay travel award in 2015.

See more on their website.

Jacob Ciocci

Jacob Ciocci is a US-based artist, most well known as a member of art collective Paper Rad (2001-2008). His work is concerned with the relationships between popular culture, technology and notions of transcendence. In his paintings, comics, performances, net art and videos, contemporary and recently forgotten cultural symbols confront one another inside a frenzied cartoon universe that is simultaneously celebratory and critical.

“trust no one”, mannequin, windshield wiper motor, digital print on coroplast, various hardware and fabric
“what’s next?”, mannequin, windshield wiper motor, digital print on coroplast, various hardware and fabric

See more on their website.