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These fragments…

What is it to be formed by places you are now removed from?

Where is the ‘site’ of an accident you carry around with you all the time?

Twenty years ago Dan Belasco Rogers stepped off a National Express coach in Nottingham for the first of many times.  For the next three years he lived in the city as a student: formative years that ended in 1989 when he returned to London.  Years, in which he fell in love, broke bones, broke laws, lost friends and found most of his physical limits.  

For these fragments … Dan returns to Nottingham and puts his forty year-old body through the streets he walked as a twenty year-old.  He will discover, chart and reveal those events and accidents that have remained in his body and memory.  He will chart a personal cartography of association, event and impression that has gone to form his own biography.  

these fragments… is a multi-screen video presentation of corresponding journeys and locations in Nottingham, London and Berlin.  It is informed by the artists’ practice of collecting with a GPS (Global Positioning System), every journey he has made since 2003.