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Half of it is you, Half of it is me

Will Pollard has been making performance, video and installation work for the past 10 years. He recently completed a PhD at the University of Ulster, Belfast. His work is primarily concerned with the fluctuating relationship between the invisible and visible, especially in relation to the vagaries of performance, such as the relationship between the body and the object and the audience and performer.  For Sensitive Skin, all these concerns are explored through a video installation.  

Situated in the same room, two video projections exist.  Like two people facing each other over a table, both are able to see each other, yet ultimately the slippage in their understanding of each other creates an opening. 

The fracturing of light against a multitude of small mirrors mediates the light source whilst presenting this fracturing to the space.  

The space awakens to the movement of the fractured light, the dimensions of the space are made visible by the light.