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Lace Unarchived

Lace Unarchived brings together a diverse group of designers and artists from across the UK who have each interpreted Nottingham lace in a unique and contemporary way.

The exhibition includes lengths of contemporary lace by multi award-winning and nationally acclaimed textile designers Timorous Beasties. Light emitting fabrics — inspired by Nottingham lace technologies from Sarah Taylor, Senior Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University and Sara Robertson,Tutor at the Royal College of Art — will also feature in the show.

On display is a complete final collection and unseen development work by high-street women’s fashion brand Oasis. Telling the story of Nottingham lace, Oasis have reimagined some of the 75,000 antique lace samples housed in the Lace Archive at Nottingham Trent University. The collection also features a garment by Final Year BA (Hons) Fashion Design student Robert Goddard.

The exhibition will also include works by Mal Burkinshaw, Programme Director of Fashion at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Sophie Hallette Lace; filmmaker Matthew Woodham; and artist James Winnett, all of which will be presented alongside samples of machine-made lace dating back to the early 1800s.

Invited for the diversity of their work, the contributors have all studied the intricacies of Nottingham lace and its technology to create pieces that not only celebrates the rich heritage of lace, but also preserves its place in contemporary design for the future.

Visit our blog to read more about the exhibiting artists and the history of the Lace Archive.

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Associated Events

Friday 23 February 2018: Light Night
This exhibition is just one of many activities by NTU for Light Night 2018.

Thursday 15 and Friday 16 March 2018: Lace Unravelled Symposium
The Lace Unravelled symposium marks the conclusion of an 18-month research project, exploring Nottingham City Museums and Galleries’ world-class collection of lace and lace machinery.

Saturday 17 March 2018 (booking required): Nottingham Trent University Lace Archive Tours (sold out)

Lace Unravelled is made possible by Arts Council England Designation Development funding.

Exhibition Handout

Download the exhibition handout here

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