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This inaugural exhibition marked the launch of Nottingham Trent University’s Centre for Architecture and Cultural Heritage of India, Arabia and the Maghreb.

ArCHIAM undertakes architectural, urban history and heritage related research and impact work for Architecture, Heritage and Global Difference, AHGD based at NTU – the umbrella centre for the humanities-based study of architecture, material culture and the built environment within a globalizing context.

ArCHIAM is an interdisciplinary forum which brings together a wide range of researchers interested in the study of the architecture of three interconnected global spheres. Cutting across traditional disciplinary boundaries, the Centre provides an exciting opportunity for the study of both historical and contemporary phenomena with an aim of developing theoretical positions but also though practice-based research.

The exhibition was designed and set up by the ArCHIAM Centre, and led by prof Bandyopadhyay.