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Image from “The University Gallery’ Symposium

Tom from the gallery attended ‘The University Gallery’ symposium on Friday at the Sluice Art Fair, hosted by NEUSCHLOSS – ‘a group of artists, writers and curators working at or with Northumbria University with specific relation to experimental exhibition or curatorial practices’.
Guest panelists included Gavin Wade (Eastside Projects), Andrea Phillips (Professor of Art and head of Research, Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg) and Prof Matthew Cornford (Head of Fine Art University of Brighton).
The symposium’s quest was to explore the function and role of today’s ‘University Gallery’ by discussing several case studies both past & present, and refer to new research on the subject from Northumbria University.
Although sadly time ran short, the speakers made some very interesting points and this discourse is certainly consistent with the programme/strategic research currently taking place here at Bonington.