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Nottingham Trent University is delighted to invite Ruth Angel Edwards to speak as part of the 2017 Fine Art Live Lecture Series.

Edwards is a multimedia artist whose work explores the communication of ideology through popular culture. Drawing from mainstream and subcultural youth movements from the past and present, Edwards looks at the way audio and visual content is used to manipulate an audience and disseminate information.

Working between video, audio, sculpture, performance and print, Edwards explores subcultures, tracing their paths and examining the wider socio-economic environments that give rise to them, exposing their failures and flaws and uncovering lost spiritualities and hidden positive potential.

This live lecture coincides with Edwards’ solo exhibition Wheel of the Year –  ! Effluent Profundel Zone ! which is showing in Bonington Gallery until Friday 16 February 2018. A new commission for Bonington Gallery, this immersive installation considers the inescapable cycles of waste and decay, a by-product of all our consumption, personal or material.

The exhibition explores how these ecologies overlap at different scales – from the futile pursuit of personal purification and ‘clean living’, to the increasingly rapid turnover of cultural ‘content’ in the media and popular consciousness, to the wider perspective of the waste which is polluting our oceans, and threatening our very existence.


Ruth Angel Edwards is a Nottingham born multimedia artist based in London. Her recent exhibitions include: Enema Salvatore! Almanac, Turin, 2017; Light Deception / The Great Imitator, Auto Italia South East, London, 2017; solo exhibition at Arcadia Missa, London, 2016; Info Pura, The Residence Gallery, London 2016; Derivatives and Futures, Human Resources, Los Angeles, 2016; A British Art Show, MEYOHAS, New York, 2015.

A selection of images from the opening of Ruth Angel Edwards: Wheel of the Year ! Effulent Profundal Zone !

In the lead up to Ruth Angel Edwards’ solo exhibition Wheel of the Year, we made a series of blog posts containing material forwarded to us from Ruth, that offered insight into what informs her practice, and more specifically the work she’ll be presenting here at Bonington.

Ruth Angel Edwards | Post 1 | ‘Ghost Nets’

29 November 2017

Our first post below relates to the modern day phenomenon of ‘Ghost Nets’. Please click onto the image or link below to be taken to the article:

‘What are Ghost Nets?’ [online] Available at:

Ruth Angel Edwards | Post 2 | ‘Stop the use of Looney Tunes on Military ships’

30 November 2017

Second post from Ruth Angel Edwards, referring to the MS Moby Dada cruiseferry. Click the image to sign the petition:

‘Stop the use of Looney Tunes on Military ships’ [online] Available at:

Ruth Angel Edwards | Post 3 | ‘Investigation launched after one of the ‘worst’ cases of fly-tipping’

12 December 2017

Ruth Angel Edwards [Evening] post 3, click the image or link to read the report.

‘Investigation launched after one of the ‘worst’ cases of fly-tipping’ [online] Available at:

Ruth Angel Edwards | Post 4 | Mutoid Waste at the Notting Hill Carnival

3 January 2018

‘Mutoid Sam and The Notting Hill Carnival’ [online] Available at:

Ruth Angel Edwards | Post 5 | The Profundal Zone

3 January 2018

‘Profundal Zone’ [online] Available at:

Ruth Angel Edwards | Post 6 | Ghosts Among the Ruins

10 January 2018

Ruth’s 6th blog post links us to the the essay: Ghosts Among the Ruins: Towards a Haunted Phenomenology by Mark Horvath & Adam Lovasz

Ruth Angel Edwards | Post 7 | The Lorax

10 January 2018

‘The Lorax (Original)’ [online] Available at: