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Opening up a space for the ear and the voice, Ear to Ear offered an invitation to its audience to become immersed in sonic space. It challenged the dominance of the visual in both the world of contemporary art and the modern day art and design school.

This exhibition featured immersive sound works by Robert Squirrell and Thomas Hall as well as a collection of playbacks and screenings curated by Rob Flint, on behalf of the Listening Group*.

Sirens by Thomas Hall

Hypnotic and enchanting Sirens is an immersive aural and visual experience, resonating the allure and seductiveness of the mythical sea deities. Enticed into the installation by an ever changing musical arrangement of voices the viewer is surrounded by imposing sculptural forms, evoking impressions of being trapped in the hull of a boat or caught in the clutches of a pair of hands. Each experience is unique to the individual viewer.

Inharmonic Accelerator by Robert Squirrell

An interactive sound installation in the form of a spiral maze exploring ideas related to the Large Hadron Collider – CERN, particle physics, circularity and what it might sound like. Curious about our understanding of the universe, the work sonically explores a physical experience of play in an immersive surround sound environment.

Thomas Hall and Robert Squirrell are both members of Engagement Party, an artist led group working individually and collectively with notions of active engagement, interaction and play.

*Listening Group is an informal meeting of students and staff. It is intended to be a place for focusing attention to art-works that foreground sound and active listening.

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