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Pool by Lorna Green was a gallery-filling installation accompanied by music composed by Mark Hewitt on display at the Bonington Gallery from 19 October – 11 November 1992.  As each of Green’s sculptures are site-specific, her ideas and designs for the sculpture changed throughout the planning process, as demonstrated by the archival drawings, correspondence, and even a packet of sample materials.  In the end, the over 4,500 whole and smashed bricks sprayed with the aquatic colours of blue, green and purple, created the gallery-wide impression of a draining pool.  About the exhibit, Green wrote, “My first impression of the Bonington Gallery was that it was like a swimming pool.  You enter by going down the steps, the echoes are reminiscent of a pool and the shape and scale of the gallery confirms that impression.  I hope viewers will walk through and around the forms, absorb the sound and the colours and gradually let the installation work for them.”  NTU students helped Green install the sculpture.

Curated by Brianna Frazier Selph