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Curated by Joshua Lockwood

For the second in its series of screening events, Bonington Gallery is pleased to present Time Together by Mark Aerial Waller – a feature length artist film originally commissioned by the Baltic Triennial in 2012.

Time Together, a film in 14 episodes, is set against the luscious backdrop of summertime Lithuania, where a lost woman (Smiltė Bagdžiūnė) is befriended by a stranger (Monika Bičiunaitė) and led through a series of ritual exercises towards the formation of a cult or political cell. The story is deeply mysterious, yet the strangely compelling scenarios, each with a cliffhanger, leave the mind racing. What-if’s on a cosmological scale.

Mark Aerial Waller’s unique films almost come from another dimension, from a position shared with the science fiction and mystery writing of Adolfo Bioy Casares or Philip K Dick.

Time Together was commissioned by the Centre For Contemporary Art Vilnius as part of Midaugas Triennial, The 11th Baltic Triennial Of International Arts with additional funding from The Elephant Trust.

This event has been organised in association with LUX, London.

FILM LENGTH: 72 minutes.


The original Time Together poster from 2013.