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Join us for the launch of a new exhibition featuring over 120 works by contemporary working-class artists and photographers.

Curated by photographer, writer and broadcaster Johny Pitts, After the End of History emphasises the perspectives of practitioners who turn their gaze towards both their communities and outwards to the wider world. Find out more.

‘After the End of History: British Working Class Photography 1989 – 2024’ is a Hayward Gallery Touring exhibition curated by Johny Pitts with Hayward Gallery Touring.

Join us for the launch of three new exhibitions:

Osheen Siva: Karuppu
The first UK exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Osheen Siva is entitled ‘Karuppu’ (கருப்பு – meaning darkness/black in Tamil). Taking a cue from Afrofuturism, Siva’s work brings together science fiction, mythology, heritage, their love of comic books, and the vibrant, joyful colours of South India.

Bonington Vitrines #24: Shahnawaz Hussain: My Nottinghamshire Perspectives in Watercolour
An exhibition of paintings by self-taught Nottingham-based artist Shahnawaz Hussain, which capture key buildings and landmarks across Nottingham and the wider county.

Peepshow: An Illusion Cut to the Measure of Desire
As part of this year’s Light After Dark Film Festival, we are pleased to present Peep Show, an innovatively staged exhibition of archival film curated by feminist collective Invisible Women.

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Enjoy music in our Atrium from electronic DJs MOAN and AJA.

Join us for a first look around history is a living weapon in yr hand, a new exhibition by Onyeka Igwe, a London-born and based moving image artist and researcher. Her work is aimed at the question: how do we live together? She is interested in the prosaic and everyday aspects of black livingness and exploring overlooked histories.

Accompanying the exhibition, An Elegant Marker of Endless Invention in our vitrines highlights key women who embraced creative activities to challenge imperialism.

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Join us for a first look round a new photographic exhibition by John Beck and Matthew Cornford, focusing on the region’s art schools, and the vital role that they play in the cultural life of our cities.

Accompanying the exhibition, in our Vitrines you can discover archive materials and memories relating to the history of Nottingham School of Art & Design, established in 1843.

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Join us for a first look around Emily Andersen’s exhibition Somewhere Else Entirely in the Gallery, and Nottingham Women’s Centre in our Vitrines.

NTU staff and students are welcome for a first look round from the slightly earlier time of 5 pm.

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Free food will be available from 6 pm – first come, first served!

The menu will be:

Vegan Balti with Rice & Mixed Salad (V)
Chickpea, spinach & sweet potato Balti served with rice and fresh mixed salad (vegan, vegetarian & gluten free).
Thai Red Chicken Curry with Rice & Mixed Salad
Thai red chicken curry with mangos & sweet peppers served with rice and fresh mixed salad (halal & gluten free).

From 7 pm, the United Voices Choir will sing a selection of songs chosen for their positive and uplifting messages

Photography will be taking place. There is lift and stairs access and an accessible toilet.

Join us in the gallery from 6 – 8 pm for a first look around Cedar Lewisohn’s exhibition Patois Banton and Spaces of Translation – European Magazines, 1945-65 in our Vitrines.

NTU staff and students are welcome for a first look round from 5 pm.

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Jamaican inspired curried lamb with, squash, ginger and natural yoghurt (GF)

Sweet potato and black bean curry (V, Vg, GF, DF)

Rice and peas (V, Vg, GF, DF)

White cabbage, red onion, yellow pepper, pineapple and parsley slaw (V, Vg, GF, DF)

V = Vegetarian
Vg = Vegan
GF = Gluten free
DF = Dairy free

Join us in the gallery from 6 – 8 pm for a first look around Stephen Willats’ solo exhibition Social Resource Project for Tennis Clubs.

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Also taking place on Saturday 8 October is the Tennis Tournament – a live artwork by Stephen Willats, taking place at The Park Tennis Club in Nottingham.