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亂 — Confusion, state of chaos.

In the ancient form of mandarin the title represents the creative processes and working practice that facilitated this exhibition. Dance artist Lucia Tong, Dance4 and Nottingham Trent University MA Framework students collaborated to create an immersive and interactive installation – interpreting the meaning of Luàn through movement, installation, photography and textiles.

Taking place in Nottingham Trent University’s Old Chemistry Theatre, the space is reduced to a minimal setting of a table and chair, a notebook laptop and the human body. The performance aims to create an intimacy with the viewer whilst allowing the interplay between what is real and the virtual world.

Notebook Series is collaboration between a choreographer, Colette Sadler and set-designer, Philine Rinnert. The reference to a notebook in the title reflects shared ongoing process and research. The notebook is both a holding structure and platform for the collaborative process in so far as it allows the laying out and organisation of images, texts and choreographic notes or studies differently from those suggested by real time and space.

In a situation reminiscent of a lecture or public speech, the performance questions the identity of the performer. Moving between the real and the fictional in a clinical deconstruction and disassociation of the human body and its senses, the performance asks “What are you” and “Who are you” in an investigation of the human capacity for transformation and the possibility of living beyond the self.

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NottDance Festival 2015

Notebook Series is part of the Nottdance Festival 2015. The festival runs from the 5 – 15 March with over 40 performances taking place over 11 days, across more than 20 venues and public spaces.

Download the full NottDance Festival programme here.

Beyond the Line was an international, interdisciplinary collaboration involving artist-writer Emma Cocker, artist Nikolaus Gansterer (Vienna) and choreographer Mariella Greil (Vienna).

Cocker, Gansterer and Greil inhabited the gallery as an experimental ‘method laboratory’ for staging an encounter between choreography, drawing and writing; between body, mark and text.

Through processes of reciprocal exchange, dialogue and negotiation between three different practices, Beyond the Line interrogated the interstitial processes, practices and knowledge(s) produced in the ‘deviation’ for example, from page to performance, from word to mark, from line to action, from modes of flat image making towards transformational embodied encounters.

Glimpses of the unfolding ‘method laboratory’ were made possible through a live-feed video stream that could be viewed in the Bonington foyer. The ‘laboratory’ was open to the public at scheduled times where the artists were ‘in-residence’ to share their working processes.

Beyond the Line was conceived as ‘test-bed’ for exploring collaborative methods for working between and beyond the disciplinary lines of drawing, dance and writing and is supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture (BMUKK). Ideas and working processes emerging from Beyond the Line will be developed further as part of a 3-year collaborative research project between Cocker, Gansterer and Greil entitled Choreo-graphic Figures: Deviations from the Line 2014 – 2017 (funded by the Austrian Program for Arts-based Research, PEEK).

The Method Laboratory

Thursday 17 April from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm.


10 am – 12 pm: Live Exploration Session

12 pm – 1.30 pm: The lab remains open with fragments of the research process made visible

1.30 pm – 3 pm: Live Exploration Session

3 pm – 4 pm: Discussion

Delivered by Dance4, Nottdance Festival returned once more with its internationally renowned innovative and entertaining perspective that continues to question ‘What can dance be?

Bonington Gallery was proud to host a number of performances in our Waverley theatre and a photography exhibition A Dance4 Story by David Severn.

This series of photographs were commissioned by Dance4 to take a look behind the scenes and create a visual narrative about the work the organisation does with artists, communities, young people and venues. The project also explored Dance4 in the context of Nottingham and demonstrates its dedication to the city and wider region.


This series of photographs was commissioned by Dance4 to take a look behind the scenes and create a visual narrative about the work the organisation does with artists, communities, young people and venues. The project also explores Dance4 in the context of Nottingham and demonstrates its dedication to the city and the wider region.

David Severn is a social documentary and fine art photographer, based in Nottingham. His photographs have been exhibited at QUAD (Derby), Light House (Wolverhampton), Guernsey Photography Festival, London Film Museum and Nottingham Castle. Photographs from his project Thanks Maggie (2012) are currently on exhibition at the FORMAT International Photography Festival (Derby). He is a finalist in the Magnum Photos/Ideas Tap award and won Grand Prize at the Nottingham Castle Annual Open last year.

“I have a strong relationship with Dance4 and have been photographing performances for them as a commercial photographer for several years. After knowing the organisation for so long and feeling part of the team, I wanted to make a series of photographs that looked more contemplatively at the great work they do with international artists, young talented dancers and local community groups. My work is typically concerned with the connection between people land place. I’m particularly interested in photographing my home city of Nottingham and the surrounding county, so this project was a way of bringing my own curiosities as a photographer to a commission I could develop over a sustained period of time. It’s been a privilege to once again work closely with Dance4 to make this work and l’d like to extend a warm thanks to the whole team for allowing me such creative freedom.”

David Severn
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