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Taking place in Nottingham Trent University’s Old Chemistry Theatre, the space is reduced to a minimal setting of a table and chair, a notebook laptop and the human body. The performance aims to create an intimacy with the viewer whilst allowing the interplay between what is real and the virtual world.

Notebook Series is collaboration between a choreographer, Colette Sadler and set-designer, Philine Rinnert. The reference to a notebook in the title reflects shared ongoing process and research. The notebook is both a holding structure and platform for the collaborative process in so far as it allows the laying out and organisation of images, texts and choreographic notes or studies differently from those suggested by real time and space.

In a situation reminiscent of a lecture or public speech, the performance questions the identity of the performer. Moving between the real and the fictional in a clinical deconstruction and disassociation of the human body and its senses, the performance asks “What are you” and “Who are you” in an investigation of the human capacity for transformation and the possibility of living beyond the self.

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NottDance Festival 2015

Notebook Series is part of the Nottdance Festival 2015. The festival runs from the 5 – 15 March with over 40 performances taking place over 11 days, across more than 20 venues and public spaces.

Download the full NottDance Festival programme here.