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In acknowledgement of Nottingham School of Art and the wider city’s legacy of bringing pioneering experimental music to local audiences, we are delighted to welcome Nottingham’s Rammel Club to programme an evening of visionary music, sound and performance at Bonington Gallery.

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“The Rammel Club… is a deceptively vital outlet for underground music.”
The Wire Magazine

Limited edition poster for the exhibition
Gig poster from Rammel Club event

Line up:

Design A Wave
Design A Wave is a long-standing electronic music act from London. At present, the sole member is Tom Hirst. Initiated in the late 1990s, the musical style of the project has varied radically in the subsequent years, taking in and responding to Hauntological pop music, computer and modular synth-based generative music and science fiction soundtrack along the way. This expansiveness in style is reflected in the variety of labels that have released recordings of Design A Wave, which includes Alien Jams, Alter, Bezirk and Rush Hour’s no label amongst many others. Tom Hirst also performs and records in a sibling project American Sound, plays keyboards in the pop/rap act Dean Rodney Jr and the Cowboys, and has collaborated on other projects with artists such as Alice Theobald, Lizzie Homersham and Ayesha Hameed. 

Dawn Terry
Dawn plays slow, melancholic, optimistic music for sad people. Based in Newcastle, she is a veteran drone artist, producing work that is heavy, dreamlike, open and hypnotic; long-form minimalist landscapes characterised by an austere openness, barely punctured by hypnotic drumming or slowly intoned vocals.

Paul Paschal
Paul Paschal is an artist, writer and performer living in Nottingham, UK. Most of his work is undertaken in collaboration with Rohanne Udall, currently under the name CHA X5; they have been making performances, exhibitions and curatorial projects since 2013. Their solo exhibition at Gasleak Mountain in Nottingham – which opens on Friday 13th October and runs until the end of the month – presents some studies on managerial anxieties, demonic professions of perfect boundaries and meteoric burnout.

We are also really pleased to be presenting a one night only ‘retrospective’ of Rammel Club gig posters by Daniel Ward, going back 15+ years.

Join us in the gallery from 6 – 8 pm for a first look around Cedar Lewisohn’s exhibition Patois Banton and Spaces of Translation – European Magazines, 1945-65 in our Vitrines.

NTU staff and students are welcome for a first look round from 5 pm.

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Jamaican inspired curried lamb with, squash, ginger and natural yoghurt (GF)

Sweet potato and black bean curry (V, Vg, GF, DF)

Rice and peas (V, Vg, GF, DF)

White cabbage, red onion, yellow pepper, pineapple and parsley slaw (V, Vg, GF, DF)

V = Vegetarian
Vg = Vegan
GF = Gluten free
DF = Dairy free

Join us in the gallery from 6 – 8 pm for a first look around Stephen Willats’ solo exhibition Social Resource Project for Tennis Clubs.

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Also taking place on Saturday 8 October is the Tennis Tournament – a live artwork by Stephen Willats, taking place at The Park Tennis Club in Nottingham.

Book your free tickets and join us to watch the Tennis Tournament – a live artwork by Stephen Willats, taking place as part of our forthcoming exhibition Social Resource Project for Tennis Clubs.

In 1971 whilst living and working in Nottingham, Stephen initiated an art project with four tennis clubs in Nottingham entitled Social Resource Project for Tennis Clubs. Working with a group of volunteers, a number of ‘games’ were devised that reinterpreted the traditional rules and format of tennis. This culminated in an experimental ‘Tennis Tournament’.

Tennis Tournament – Saturday 8 October, 2 – 4 pm
50 years on from the original event, Stephen will once again work with a group of volunteers re-enact the original games of tennis devised in 1971 for a demonstration on Saturday 8th October 2 – 4 pm at The Park Tennis Club in Nottingham – one of the original clubs involved in the project. The public are invited to watch, with lunch and refreshments provided for everyone attending. Participants will represent a wide range of tennis abilities, even those who haven’t played before.

Everyone is invited to the gallery in the evening 6 – 8pm for the launch of Stephen’s solo exhibition Social Resource Project for Tennis Clubs, for a glass of wine.

If you would like to participate in the actual event, please email Tom Godfrey (Director, Bonington Gallery) on for further details, by Wednesday 21 September.

The Tennis Tournament will take place at The Park Tennis Club, Tattershall Drive, The Park, Nottingham, NG7 1BX.

Exhibition launch
Following the Tennis Tournament, we’ll be hosting a free exhibition launch of Social Resource Project for Tennis Clubs at the Gallery, from 6 – 8 pm. Book your free ticket now.