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Join us at Metronome for an audio-visual journey and immersive experience from Multimodal. The one-off event will take you from ambient tones through rhythmic melodies to an expansive crescendo.

From the sold-out four-wall projection in the One Thoresby Street Attic to the AV quadraphonic dome with Wigflex & Craig Richards, Multimodal creates bespoke, conceptual and visually immersive experiences.

For this event, a hand-picked selection of artists will be taking you from the ambient, tonal soundscape of Simone Salvatici into the minimalist synthesiser compositions of Will Plowman, to a crescendo with a brand-new AV performance from artists, Throwing Snow and Matt Woodham. The evening will conclude with a new phase conducted by the masterful hands of Lukas Wigflex, winding through experimental, ambient and beat-driven dance.

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Sensing Systems is now available to stream online. For the remaining Sensing Systems exhibition dates (until Saturday 28 March), Matt Woodham has re-situated all of the moving image works from his exhibition onto the streaming platform Twitch – allowing for full interactivity. After a quick registration and scan of the instructions, you can type in commands and values via the ‘stream chat’ to adjust the visual effects within the works.

Note: Depending on streaming speeds, there can be a four to five second delay.

Matt Woodham’s debut solo exhibition Sensing Systems will fill the gallery with a composition of connected installations, positioning visitors within a system of light, sound and motion. Visual and kinetic events will be sequenced by a central processing unit which distributes signals around the room. You can interact with the system, which, alongside random data sources and a sensitivity to initial conditions, creates a unique experience for each viewer.

“… It’s all live and being generated in real time… you can control it and you can influence it.”

Artist Matt Woodham speaks about his exhibition, Sensing Systems.

Alongside the exhibition, a number of offsite events have been developed:

Video courtesy of Matt Woodham and Reece Straw.


Matt Woodham is an artist, designer and technologist whose practice evades disciplinary definition. After specialising in visual neuroscience during his degree, he channelled his skills and interests into generating auditory and visual experiences – including music videos, live visuals for club nights, light installations, and experimental websites.

In recent years, Woodham’s research into the complex systems of the brain has evolved into a broader interdisciplinary practice. Inspired by the emergent, irreducible states of perception, he utilises experimental techniques such as feedback loops, generative algorithms and randomness. He employs code and electronic circuits to exploit the liminal space between order and disorder. These processes reflect the common non-linear dynamics which are shared between systems of various scales – from quantum mechanics to the economy. He feels that harnessing nature’s mechanisms has the power to delight an audience.

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Warping worlds, clashing colours and floating shapes are central to Bruce Asbestos’ Spring/Summer 2020 collection, imagining a world where you can have a new wild look each and every minute of the day.

Inspired by the Motif exhibition, his collection utilises video game technology to generate ready-to-wear looks. Unlikely accessories, objects, shapes and motifs are combined into assemblages of creative possibilities and impossibilities.

The collection will be presented via a multi-video/audio experience, accompanied by a specially produced soundtrack – all situated within the Motif exhibition at Bonington Gallery.

Conceived by Bruce Asbestos using the Unreal Games Engine.