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In/Visible Borderline Project II: The Act of Ceremony & Game by Tuan Mami, In collaboration with Ven. Kittipanyo and Ven. Tuan.

3 Oct 2016

For the opening of Krísis, several artists were invited to perform by Something Human. The opening performance was Tuan Mami’s In/Visible Borderline Project II: The Act of Ceremony & Game.

Tuan Mami welcomed guest to the preview, before handing over to Kittipanyo and Ven. Tuan, who led the audience in a moment of meditation, followed by a group reading of a prayer.

Tuan Mami then invited audience members to interact with a drawing on the wall, which he had prepared earlier. Now that the act of “ceremony” was complete, the “game” could take place.

Visitors and fellow artists took turns to shoot water at the drawing using water pistols, which began to erode and run down the wall – creating a visual parallel to the previous act of pouring water over the sculpture. The drawing / game remains in the Gallery as part of the exhibition, alongside work from Aida Silvestri, Dictaphone Group and other work by Tuan Mami.

To find out more about the artists involved in the show take a look through Something Human’s guest posts here on the blog.