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The Life of the Models

This is how too,
When the time is right,
The Hands gather together,
To GO again.

I see that,
From your perspective,
The lines fall into focus,
As though directed from above.

The life of the models,
Informs the Fourth World,
Their flickering motion,
Stirs the Soup.

This is a spoiler: For one day only, within Reactor’s current exhibition Here, the Gold Ones flatter, a choreographed performance brings the models to life. Helping Hands slip easily into particular models as though they were made to fit. The path of the models is straight and runs right round. Over-cycles the hoop turns and reality dissolves, Hands become those from the past and youse can watch from within the corral.

Special thanks to Ellen Angus, Rebecca Beinart, Pádraig Condron , Beth Kettel, Nastassja Simensky, Reece Straw and Aisling Ward for performing in The life of the models.