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Shapeless Impact not Time Slow is (Flits by)

A solo exhibition by Giorgio Sadotti

The vast majority of my art is generated conceptually through the use of linear type ideas and thoughts, systems related to the creative potential of the ‘found’, order, dis-order, the acceptance of chance, context categorization and the gesture.

It is also related to mathematical and geometric contemplation, measurement, location, repetition, repetition and linguistic structure / time.

The voice of the group, the body as a concept as related to authorship and ownership, the original / copy are also notions dealt with in my mind.

Saying something about something.

In my futile attempt to try to find something, anything, that isn’t already divided I experience glorious failure which I embrace and present as art.

I am fascinated by the power of refusal, the very idea of not doing something even though you are capable of doing it, the right and creative beauty of potential to do compared to the reality of the done.

The notion that the more language you have the harder it is to say something appeals. As does the idea that where language fails possibly art begins.

Visual love and linguistic and linguistic and audio audio bastard hallucination.

Giorgio Sadotti

With contributions from guest artists: Paul Noble, Michael Proudfoot, Chris Watts, and Elizabeth Wright

Opening Performance

To mark the opening of his solo exhibition here at the Gallery, Giorgio Sadotti led 80+ volunteers in an inaugurating incantation. With the audience entering in silence and into near total darkness, the performance evoked the sense of a sort-of ritual taking place in a cave. Evidence of the performance has now been left in the space, creating an installation which will remain throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Associated Events

Thursday 2 March, 5.15 pm – 7.30 pm – Fine Art Live Lecture Series Presents: Giorgio Sadotti

The Fine Art Live Lecture Series is an initiative by Nottingham Trent University’s Fine Art course, whereby creative practitioners are invited to deliver a lecture to current students. The lectures are also open to staff, alumni and the general public.


Giorgio Sadotti (b.1955, Manchester) lives and works in London. His work is in public collections including the Tate and the British Council. Sadotti completed an Art Foundation course at Nottingham Trent University (formerly Trent Polytechnic) in 1977.

Recent works include:

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