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When I Dare To Be Powerful: In conversation with Jasmine Qureshi

Join Jasmine Qureshi in conversation with Trang Dang, as part of the When I Dare to be Powerful conference at Bonington Gallery.

Trang Dang and queer writer, journalist, wildlife TV researcher Jasmine Qureshi will discuss the role of voice in her journey into environmental conservation and activism and in addressing the intersecting gender and environmental issues we are currently facing.

This event is part of online talks series leading to the in-person conference When I Dare to be Powerful, on 21 June at Bonington Gallery. The international conference will bring filmmakers, artists, writers and activists, together with conceptual thinkers and cultural theorists in order to answer pressing questions relating to voice as an agent of change.


Jasmine Isa Qureshi is a writer and a storyteller. She is also a wildlife television/media researcher, previously working at Wild Space Productions on a series for Netflix, BBC Natural History Unit/BBC Earth, and Sound Off Films, a freelance wildlife filmmaker, an ambassador for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, an engagement officer for the youth led nature organisation A Focus On Nature, an activist, and a marine biologist. She is passionate about wildlife, conservation and the environment, and can usually be found on the coast, combing for marine life, and exploring the ruins and new builds of our urban jungles, and speaking and writing far too much about insects and arthropods. As a speaker and journalist, she has found a place for herself to share her passion for topics such as diversity in workplaces and in all the subjects she is involved with, politics and how it affects science and nature but also the social sciences, sexuality, identity and gender, particularly trans rights and the understanding of these; and has been able to contribute to events around the country such as Norwich Science Festival, Cheltenham Science Festival, etc. As a presenter, she has been involved with CBeebies, Edinburgh Science Festival, and VOX Media.

Trang Dang (she/her) is a PhD researcher in literary studies at Nottingham Trent University, funded by NTU Studentship Scheme, and previously graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BA and an MA in English Literature. Her PhD project focuses on Jeff VanderMeer’s weird fiction, exploring narratives of co-existence between humans and nonhumans and the role of new weird novels in portraying the current climate crisis. Her main research interests are contemporary literature, cli/sci-fi, critical theory, and continental philosophy. She has published on the topics of animal studies, American culture and politics, and the Anthropocene.