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i) Often uncharted district behind coast or river banks. 
Land adjacent to water. ii) Area surrounding city a region, including communities and rural areas, that surrounds a city and depends on it.

Hinterland is a project curated by Jennie Syson comprising a series of offsite works situated along the banks of the River Trent in Nottingham.  Different work will manifest alongside water throughout one year, with the first sightings being visible in time for Autumn 2006.

A ‘Hinterland’ evokes thoughts of boundaries or edges. The project is set to develop and grow in stages, happening just on the periphery of the city. By taking the theme of a hinterland as a motif, the identified site presents a viewpoint for revelation or concealment across the panorama of the whole of Nottingham.

The River Trent has 30 tributaries. 30 separate elements in the project will represent the different streams feeding into a larger body of water. As well as being a metaphor for naturally occurring streams, each artist’s individual project will ‘pay tribute’ to the geographical location. Hinterland will draw a contour around the southern edge of the city by following a section of the river, a channel about ½ a mile either side of Trent Bridge.