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A major car crash has occurred in the gallery – a head on collision. Skid marks are emblazoned across the floor, there is wreckage everywhere and blood is splattered up the walls – glistening and fresh. You are being filmed by surveillance cameras, are you the victim or perpetrator? Sections of the gallery seem inaccessible, areas cordoned off by hazard tape… is it a major disaster, a crime scene or spoof horror film?

Craig Fisher’s exhibition, CAT-AS-TROPHE  consists of a large-scale sculptural installation. Fisher’s sculpture, It’s Uncanny 2008 (two replica mini cooper cars) are constructed from carefully selected fabrics which are seductive in nature and ask the viewer to question the representation of violence laid out before them.  Fisher makes work that situates itself in a world of contradictions. He plays with our perception, challenging us to consider notions of art and craft. He references both high and low culture and juxtaposes the pictorial with the sculptural, creating potential spaces of slippage which act as a challenge to our habits of looking.

The theatricality of Fisher’s installations allow the viewer to engage in a narrative interplay and his work often makes reference to ideas of filmic or cartoon violence. A sense of saturation and the anodyne is at play in Fisher’s work. It is easy to miss the horror through the materiality of the artwork. The strange familiarity of crafted objects, and the voyeuristic quality of such imagery is highlighted by the craftsmanship of the detailing, sewing and pattern-cutting. By contrasting fabric and craft with these images, the artist subverts the significance of masculinity and challenges notions of representation.

Funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.