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Crafting Anatomies – Featured Artists

10 Jan 2015

Bellow is a selection of featured artists from the exhibition, Crafting Anatomies

Amy Congdon

Exploring Textile Design / Biotechnology in her BIOLOGICAL ATELIER :  SS 2082 ‘EXTINCT’ COLLECTION

“At some point, in the not too distant future, biotechnology is going to give the design world the biggest set of completely new materials and tools it has ever had the opportunity to play with.”

Detail of Amy Congdon’s Biological Atelier
Amanda Cotton

Amanda Cotton re-purposes waste materials produced by the human body – not to shock, but to give viewers a different perspective and question preconceived ideas.

Check out Amanda’s website for more of her work

Detail of Amanda Cotton’s work for Crafting Anatomies
Jon Clair

Jon Clair London-based artist who’s work is centred on “digital intimacy”.

Detail of Jon Clair’s work for Crafting Anatomies