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20 Oct 2015

Listen and you’ll see: Work by Peter Wright, 2015

Still from “Listen and You’ll See” by Peter Wright, 2015

Images dominate. Visual representation has a power which goes largely unchallenged in contemporary culture. The ability to pause time and repeat the moment for eternity is a strength of the photographic image which raises the visual above all other senses when we attempt to represent the world around us.

‘Listen and you’ll see’ is an attempt to add another sense to the equation. By recording a minute of sound at the same time as capturing the fraction of a visual second, Peter hopes to draw attention to what is ordinarily missing from our re-presentation of the world and our memories of it. Through repetition of the sound loop we can hear the rhythms of these scenes as well as see them.

This little experiment also presents an opportunity to go back-to-basics in our appreciation of the still photographic image and re-engage with the elements which made it so powerful in the first place.

You can watch the full piece here