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Icons of Rhetoric: Further Reading

30 Jun 2015

As part of Icons of Rhetoric there is a segregated space within the Gallery which reveals more about the photographs and the theory employed behind the idea of reading North Korea through its own discourse. Including a range of publications on issues surrounding North Korea and photojournalism:

Detail from the exhibition Icons of Rhetoric, showing the associated publications with this show

One of these publications is Visual Politics and North Korea: Seeing is Believing by David Shim. In a similar way to the main exhibition, his book questions what we know about North Korea and how much of this is based on what we see. You can preview the book online here.

Detail from the publication Visual Politics, by David Shim

“David Shim’s Visual Politics and North Korea has arrived and will be on show in the exhibition”

— IOR 북한의수사학아이콘 (@iconsofrhetoric) June 12, 2015

Another  featured publication is Pyongyang, a graphic novel by cartoonist and animator Guy Delisle, which documents his two-month visit to the North Korean capital – giving the reader “an informative, personal, and accessible look at a dangerous and enigmatic country.”

Detail of the publication Pyongyang, by Guy Delisle

You can find out more about Pyongyang hereand preview the book here.